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But we have some material for you that you may use it for learning about the words that mostly used in IELTS writing test, check it out guys! please download it academic words list for learning purpose only 🙂

BEAT IELTS #3 : Keep Going for Learning IELTS

This is some of article from ASEC’s CEO for Beat IELTS#3rd , Let’s check it out guys




It was the third meeting of IELTS Study Group’s (let us make it concise using ISG, okay?) class. It was my second time being there though, since I could not come at the first and the third meeting. The first time was running greatly with a very long-yet-fun introduction section within the members. Thus, I decided asking for the other ASEC structures to get involved too.

I came up with two partners of mine from ASEC; Tia, the Public Relation and Rindang, the Program Officer. There were eight people coming into the class. It was opened by Mommy Ami who was the facilitator for the ISG, then we started our lesson by continuing the writing session on the previous week. The members were asked to exchange their works to their partner to be corrected. One by one, they presented what they thought according to the writing of their partners in front of the other members. They tried to figure out the cohesion and coherence, the grammatical errors, the typos, and the other components of writing in order to make the writing better based on what it should be on the academic writing and IELTS’ quality of judging. I think it was the best way to exchange the knowledge within the members and to understand from different perspective. Bravo!

After that, we continued the class by dividing ourselves into three groups. Wohoo the speaking session! (It is my favourite) I was in the same group with Mba Ami and Mba Amal. The implementation would be running like this; one would be the interviewer, one would be the interviewee, and the other one would be the examiner. I was the interviewer at that time. I gave many questions to Mba Ami and Mba Amal in line, pretending like I was really a native speaker who was interviewing Indonesian people, hehe. Then, the roles were exchanged. The point in practicing the speaking session in IELTS was that there should be an interviewer, an interviewee, and an examiner who was in charge to correct every single thing the speakers’ talk whether the grammar or the fluency.

The speaking session was running for about an hour. It was a really fun class! We talked about hobbies, childhood, friendship, and many interesting things while practicing our English. I met many inspiring people on their each field of studies. I hope the next classes would be as great as this!

Best regards,

Dwiansari Ramadhani – CEO of ASEC 🙂


IELTS BEAT#2IELTS Class, Saturday, 18th of January 2014 at Pusat Studi Pancasila UGM Yogyakarta

We started IELTS class at 9.30 a.m. There were 9 participants in the class. We begin to discuss about what we would do that day. And we agreed to do the task 1 writing in the worksheet that we already had it.

First of all, I began to explain about how to conduct an academic writing, especially for IELTS test. As Rasti phoned me a night before the class, I needed to explain a bit about A R E L. What A R E L stands for? A stands for Argument, R stands for Reason, E stands for Evidence, and L stands for Linkage. I added some more about the organization of academic writing that consists of introduction, body, conclusion, and question word. That was an introduction before we did the writing task 1.

We had 20 minutes to do the task 1. After we all were done with our writing, we swopt our works to all participants. Before we did the feedback or correction. I mentioned some guidances to help us to do the correction. The guidances were spelling check, grammar check, punctuation, the understanding of the topic, and.

And we gave feedback each other. That was very useful for all of us to know which aspect of writing that needs to improve.

After correction or feedback session, we started move to the task 2. It took us 40 minutes to finish the task 2. And class decided to do the correction for next class.

Well, we found that writing is taking so many details on it. However, we enjoyed the class!

Cheers, Mommy Ami 🙂